Inspiration is Important + A Photoshoot

Hello hello, I hope you are well. This last week has really had me thinking about the importance of who you surround yourself with, mainly because lately I have been surrounded with some pretty fantastic individuals.

Surround yourself with people who get excited about the same things that you do; like lovely white brick walls and My Chemical Romance playing on outdoor speakers downtown. Surround yourself with people who tell you write everyday and will go eat $1 bar tacos with you every Thursday. Surround yourself with creative kind of people that ask you to model for them for a Valentine’s Day shoot (and so you can have perfect pictures of you and your precious boyfriend.)

I think most of all, it is important to surround yourself with people who inspire you. Inspire you to do what you love, inspire you to be better, and inspire you to love yourself. It’s not a matter of them blatantly telling you to do what you love, be better, or love yourself, it’s watching them do what they love, doing it well, and loving themselves for it.

Brittany Reeve is a perfect example of this. Over the last few months this darling gal has become very special to me. Beyond the extensive ways Brittany is an A+ individual as far as character goes, she is also one of the most talented people I know. She gets up every day and goes to work doing something she loves, for herself- and she does it well. Very well.

I am going to take a moment and shamelessly promote this boss lady’s photography business. I am not lying when I say she can do anything. From Indie Wedding Fairytale to Emotional Home Birth, Brittany can create a session that will not only capture the moment impeccably- but make you want to show off the pictures to everyone you come in contact with because of how utterly cool she will make you feel. (Ex: How I am with the pictures she took of Grayson and me) Definitely take a moment and check out her site and her blog. Her sessions are glorious and you should book with her immediately.

After looking at her work for approximately .07 seconds you’ll understand why I was absolutely thrilled when she asked if Grayson would model for her last week. Free pictures that are guaranteed to be perfect from one of your favorite people? Sign me up, immediately. The weather was 75 degrees, windy as could be, with a shining sun providing excellent lighting. Add a handsome man with long hair and a  flannel shirt, and you have yourself a perfect scenario.

I guess in short, be inspired, these pictures are perfect, and I love Brittany Reeve.

xx, Aubrey




Some Early Spring Cleaning

Hello lovelies.

I have returned again, pretending that spring is right around the corner because of this unseasonably warm weather. (Of course.) I’m definitely not mad about it being 80 degrees on this first week of February, but my poor heart is already mourning the cool weather that I know is bound to return again, probably sooner rather than later.

Some of my favorite things about these random spurts of warmth (besides the extra serotonin and general comfort) are the waves of inspiration, productivity and positivity that float in with the sunshine. I wake up earlier, happier, and with an extra pep in my step. As a college senior taking 19 hours this semester, I can use every bit of pep that I can muster at the moment, especially in the morning.

Even though I am over the hump of my infamous seasonal depression, it’s the days like today that remind me of how much happier I am with a bit of extra sunshine and weather over 60 degrees. I walk around with a stupid grin on my face, and I am honestly certain that I am singing under my breath 95% of the time. (As of lately one of these two songs- Tomorrow x The Shakey Graves // Old Friends x Pinegrove)

Let me clarify really quick-I’m not being melodramatic and saying I’m never happy. I am extremely happy. I have five thousand reasons to be happy every day. Reasons. But once that sun peeks out, and that temperature starts rising, it’s like my subconscious chimes in and says “All clear to be entirely happy for absolutely no reason!”

I don’t know if it’s like this for anyone else, but when I’m happy and feeling extra awesome, I just want to give myself some self loving and get stuff done. A fabulous combination-and it helps that getting my ish done makes me feel good. I will always stand by the stance that productivity is a form of self love.

So that’s what I did today.

I had some errands to run downtown, so I marched my jacket free self downtown, got an absolutely stellar paleo iced latte (coconut oil goodness with iced coffee that I promise you need in your life) from The Artistic Bean, and headed to do some downtown boutique shopping for some fun surprises going on later this week. I even had time to drop by my father’s work and present him with some mid-day coffee and sweet potato chips (because who doesn’t love surprise snacks?) and pop into Savers on my way back to school and pick up some steals on a few pieces of artwork that I now have big DIY plans for in the near future.

Things as simple as a latte, a 15 minute walk around downtown, or trying on some pretty spring clothes are enough to clean the mind and keep the spirits lifted. Never underestimate the power of setting aside some time for yourself- even if it’s  just to read a few chapters of a book, or to make yourself a cup of tea. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to be for you.

We are so close to spring, I can feel it in my bones. That being said, I believe that it is the perfect time for some early spring cleaning. Mentally. Physically. Emotionally. All of it. Nothing is safe from a solid spring cleanse. That being said, I see a lot more paleo lattes, checked off to-do lists, and downtown walks in my future. Care to join me?

xx, Aubrey

Here Comes the Sun

It’s been a hot minute hasn’t it?

4 months might be a little longer than a hot minute.

It’s a whole new season.

Let’s talk about denial. It’s really easy for me to turn on my “I Survived October 2016” Spotify playlist, find a place to hide in the back of the library, turn my back to a window and let my hair soak up the sunshine- pretending that it’s still 90 degrees outside and that I’ll be galavanting off into the sunset with wearing the cut off shorts my mom hates, hair far from clean, and my heart full after class is out for the week. Denial.

If only I could hide in the library non-stop from October to March.

If this blog is supposed to be a representation of my happy levels, it’s probably looking a little grim. My goal was to write, encouraging a mindset of appreciating the things that bring you joy. I can assure you there have been heaps and heaps of wonderful things that have happened in the last four months that brought me joy. But, I’m going to practice some emotional honesty really quick, and just own up to the fact that I’ve actually been pouting for the last couple of months. With life getting busier and the days getting shorter it is quite difficult for me to keep my attitude light, and my mindset positive. It is extremely frustrating because here I am, blessings being passed my way left and right, people who love and support me, and all my seasonally affective brain wants to say is “Yeah, but it’s cold outside so I am curling up in the fetal position and scowling until I can wear sandals again.”

And that just isn’t right. I’m working on it, though.

So today, I am writing this for myself. Reminding myself to be a beam of light. Reminding myself to be warm, shine my focus on the positive things, and use my own energy to create my own happiness.

For others who get the winter blues, don’t worry. I get it. And it gets better. Every day is one day closer to a little extra serotonin.

From an aspiring beam of light, to you.

xx, Aubrey


Finding Happiness.

“Do More of What Makes You Happy”

I feel like I see this simple phrase written out about fifty times a day. It only took me a few thousand times seeing it sprawled across trendy graphic tees, etched across Pinterest-esque coffee mugs, or hanging from colorful car air fresheners (guilty- I actually own one of these- $8 and only kept the scent for an afternoon) for it to finally click.

I can’t tell you when exactly this ever present idea of “doing more that makes ME happy” finally sunk in, but I can give you a good estimate. February 12th, 2016. 10:15 am. Give or take. (I should have been in my History and Development of the English Language class, but I wasn’t). Coincidentally enough this was the exact moment I got a confirmation email for my Ticketfly order to see my all time  favorite band, The Lumineers, at The Bomb Factory in Dallas on May 22nd (one day before my twenty-first birthday). Looking at this email, scanning all the numbers and absorbing all the small details, I realized that I was making a choice to do something that made me happy. Plain and simple. Let me just say, it hasn’t stopped there.

In the days between February 12th and today, May 20th, I have continued to do more of “what makes me happy.” I’ve bought more concert tickets (18 hour road trip to Dover, DE anyone?), made my cat-eye a little bigger, let my hair be a little messier, adopted the most perfect kitten alive, and the list could certainly go on.

So this is where I am in life: 72 hours away from being twenty-one, a senior in college, a cat mom, doing more of what makes me happy. Sitting with my computer in my lap, Normandy playing peek-a-boo and pouncing at my hand as I type this first post out on the blog that I plan to record my oh-so-lovely life’s highlights in. I want to share my happiness and adventures with you all, maybe encouraging some of you to do a little more of what makes you happy. I’ll be honest and admit that this blog is partially for myself too. Having a space to record the little things that bring me joy is personally a great reminder that life is pretty amazing, even when it seems like it isn’t.

Without rambling on any further, I would love to invite you to join me on this “Journey to Happiness” of sorts that simply involves making an effort everyday to do at least one thing that makes you happy. Life is too short to forget to love yourself.

This feels like the beginning of an adventure, doesn’t it?


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