Just a Bunch of Kids Playing Instruments// Middle Kids & Cold War Kids Show at George’s Majestic Lounge

Haaaaappy Tuesday ya’ll. Can you believe its April? I really can’t. This is the time of year that kind of flies by- which let’s be honest, in the midst of finals and awkward weather, isn’t always a bad thing.

Now that March is over, I think I can say the thing we were all thinking. March is a weird month. It’s the tentative start of festival and concert season for most, but offers no guarantee of providing actually enjoyable weather. These spring months can be cruel, cruel times.

Example. The week of the Cold War Kids show, we were averaging about 75 degree days. Sunny. Beautiful. Perfect. Saturday, the 11th, rolls around. Frigid. Of course. Because it’s Arkansas and life is often times unfair. Cute spring outfit ideas flew OUT the window, and I reached for my wool socks and leather jacket for the 1000th time.

The concert prep started out early. Grayson (part-time concert companion, full-time cutie pie boyfriend) and I started the trek to Fay around three. I have this terrible habit of wanting to get to shows about 10 hours early because I have been spoiled with wonderful seats for the majority of shows I have been to, as of late. Our afternoon drive consisted of my pre-concert playlist ( “Ch. 21 Cntd.” on Spotify if you’re curious ) some trail mix for him, and a cookies n’ cream candy bar for myself. We’re a pretty simple pair.

Grayson and I have a really bad (okay, this is debatable- it could be a good thing) habit of going to the same little spot in Fayetteville every time we are in the proximity of Dickson street. Tokyo Sushi and Bar is our go-to, and I really think we’ll never be able to quit it. (Take this opportunity to hit me up with some of your favorite places to grab a bite in Fay-town) By the time we were filled with sushi and happiness, ready to do some Dickson street strolling, maybe grab a chai latte to really treat myself, we were greeted with the cruel arrival of snow.

I hate snow.

We stood outside of the restaurant for a solid two minutes, getting thoroughly showered in the snow while I was trying to make up my mind if a seven minute walk down the road would be worth a latte. I decided it wasn’t (shocker) so we headed back to the car to kill time until the George’s doors opened.

The cool thing about Grayson is that he is perfectly okay with sitting in a car for an hour waiting for the doors to open so you can get to the front. He is also okay with finding out that you were completely wrong about the time the doors open, and waiting a whole another hour in the car.

It was all worth it in the end, of course. Middle Kids were just brilliant. In case you haven’t heard of them, I would recommend this song to sample some of their Australian indie glory. Don’t you just love when opening acts exceed all of your expectations?

Cold War Kids was tons of fun, lots of groovy bass lines, and Nathan Willett’s voice did all of the things Nathan Willett’s voice is supposed to do. One of their encore songs was even a cover of a Rihanna song. All in all, a successful show.

That being said, I am ready for concert season to hit in full swing, which is typically right after Spring Semester ends. So far on the lineup of 2017, my two standouts (like I said- so far) are U2 being opened by The Lumineers for the 30 year anniversary tour of Joshua Tree (!!!) in May and City and Colour at Cain’s Ballroom in August. I cannot wait to start sprinkling in more shows in the upcoming weeks. Lemme tell ya, folks…2017 is going to be a sweet year.

xx, Aubrey








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