Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes//Southern Literary Festival & New Job!

Hello, hello!

It is March. How on earth…is it March? Goodness. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, by the way.

ALSO it is officially Spring Break-and my last Spring Break as an undergraduate at that. I’m still absorbing this information, honestly.


I just wanted to hop on here for a second because my fingers have been itching to write, but in the midst of a 19 hr senior semester I haven’t had as much time or mental energy building up to midterms. Boo.

2017 has been a trip already- in the best way. For those who don’t know, I’m now running all the social media for a precious small business in Alma called The Potting Shed. Basically I am surrounded by everything rustic, galvanized, and good smelling all day. A dream. Definitely take a moment to check out the Instagram or Facebook (@ShopThePottingShed & The Potting Shed) to see all the precious things we have and to see some Flash Sales and Giveaways coming up! (Shameless promo moment because I love this shop so much.)

Another large chunk of my time and focus have been going to my role as Social Media Coordinator for the 2017 Southern Literary Festival that the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith is hosting this year. This is such an amazing opportunity for students, the community, and our university alike. Even though I will be working the festival, I am so excited to be able to listen to the readings of the authors we are bringing in, as well as attending the workshops and mingling with the amazing writing community. In short, we are all in for a treat. If you’re in the Fort Smith area, you are more than welcome to stop by for an author reading or to attend one of our off campus open mic nights! (Instagram- SouthernLitFestival // Twitter-SLF2017 // Facebook- Southern Literary Festival // )

At this point you’re probably rolling your eyes, “Aubrey only posts about random life events, ~positivity~ and ~mental health~ why do I ever read this thing ?” because I know I would definitely be saying that too if I read this blog.

That’s okay. Because yes. You are right.

I’m not about to say I’m going to stop posting about all my hippy dippy positive energy- but I will say I have a hefty list of blog posts coming ya’ll’s way that have nothing to do with that stuff.

Yeah yeah yeah, you’re welcome.

That being said- please stay tuned for some exciting new posts I’ve been working on!

I hope everyone has a very lucky, green, and safe St. Patrick’s Day!

xx, Aubrey


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