Inspiration is Important + A Photoshoot

Hello hello, I hope you are well. This last week has really had me thinking about the importance of who you surround yourself with, mainly because lately I have been surrounded with some pretty fantastic individuals.

Surround yourself with people who get excited about the same things that you do; like lovely white brick walls and My Chemical Romance playing on outdoor speakers downtown. Surround yourself with people who tell you write everyday and will go eat $1 bar tacos with you every Thursday. Surround yourself with creative kind of people that ask you to model for them for a Valentine’s Day shoot (and so you can have perfect pictures of you and your precious boyfriend.)

I think most of all, it is important to surround yourself with people who inspire you. Inspire you to do what you love, inspire you to be better, and inspire you to love yourself. It’s not a matter of them blatantly telling you to do what you love, be better, or love yourself, it’s watching them do what they love, doing it well, and loving themselves for it.

Brittany Reeve is a perfect example of this. Over the last few months this darling gal has become very special to me. Beyond the extensive ways Brittany is an A+ individual as far as character goes, she is also one of the most talented people I know. She gets up every day and goes to work doing something she loves, for herself- and she does it well. Very well.

I am going to take a moment and shamelessly promote this boss lady’s photography business. I am not lying when I say she can do anything. From Indie Wedding Fairytale to Emotional Home Birth, Brittany can create a session that will not only capture the moment impeccably- but make you want to show off the pictures to everyone you come in contact with because of how utterly cool she will make you feel. (Ex: How I am with the pictures she took of Grayson and me) Definitely take a moment and check out her site and her blog. Her sessions are glorious and you should book with her immediately.

After looking at her work for approximately .07 seconds you’ll understand why I was absolutely thrilled when she asked if Grayson would model for her last week. Free pictures that are guaranteed to be perfect from one of your favorite people? Sign me up, immediately. The weather was 75 degrees, windy as could be, with a shining sun providing excellent lighting. Add a handsome man with long hair and a  flannel shirt, and you have yourself a perfect scenario.

I guess in short, be inspired, these pictures are perfect, and I love Brittany Reeve.

xx, Aubrey




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