Here Comes the Sun

It’s been a hot minute hasn’t it?

4 months might be a little longer than a hot minute.

It’s a whole new season.

Let’s talk about denial. It’s really easy for me to turn on my “I Survived October 2016” Spotify playlist, find a place to hide in the back of the library, turn my back to a window and let my hair soak up the sunshine- pretending that it’s still 90 degrees outside and that I’ll be galavanting off into the sunset with wearing the cut off shorts my mom hates, hair far from clean, and my heart full after class is out for the week. Denial.

If only I could hide in the library non-stop from October to March.

If this blog is supposed to be a representation of my happy levels, it’s probably looking a little grim. My goal was to write, encouraging a mindset of appreciating the things that bring you joy. I can assure you there have been heaps and heaps of wonderful things that have happened in the last four months that brought me joy. But, I’m going to practice some emotional honesty really quick, and just own up to the fact that I’ve actually been pouting for the last couple of months. With life getting busier and the days getting shorter it is quite difficult for me to keep my attitude light, and my mindset positive. It is extremely frustrating because here I am, blessings being passed my way left and right, people who love and support me, and all my seasonally affective brain wants to say is “Yeah, but it’s cold outside so I am curling up in the fetal position and scowling until I can wear sandals again.”

And that just isn’t right. I’m working on it, though.

So today, I am writing this for myself. Reminding myself to be a beam of light. Reminding myself to be warm, shine my focus on the positive things, and use my own energy to create my own happiness.

For others who get the winter blues, don’t worry. I get it. And it gets better. Every day is one day closer to a little extra serotonin.

From an aspiring beam of light, to you.

xx, Aubrey



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