On The Road, Again. 

I’m writing this post sprawled out in the back of a car, watching the gigantic Virginia clouds drift through the clear sky.(I’ll add a picture to share the beauty!) I currently have a perfect view of every truck driver we pass. I’m enjoying noting what each are doing as they drive along on this beautiful day. Some have long cigarettes hanging from their mouths, some sing, some contently grin, and some peer over back at me, I guess also playing their own game of on the road people watching.

We’re about six hours away from Dover, and I’m so happy that the sun is bright and the sky is clear because we will be passing through states I’ve never been to and I just want to soak up all the newness.
Honestly, I’m just trying to stay caught up with the states that we pass through. This morning we stopped at a Hardee’s and I looked over at my friend and co-festival attender, Jacob, and asked him what state we were in. After realizing that none of us were quite sure where we were, Jacob turned to a delivery man and asked. (It was Virginia)
It’s crazy to think that the last three months have been building up to this. Planning has been exhausting but now that I can see the light the end of the tunnel it’s all coming together and the excitement is very present.
I’m honestly just so excited to see what the atmosphere will be like, hopefully meet some new beautiful souls, and dance to some swell music.
Always thankful for positive thoughts and prayers. Love to you all!


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